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Landscape gardening, close to nature, is our modern (human) life instinct choice.

Can say, love depends, in the landscape; the spirit of it, in the landscape;

The soul of the conversion, in the landscape...... Believe that theTieshan temple is true mountain water will let you relax, indulge in pleasures without stop.

Tieshan temple is the national AAAA level scenic spots, national Forest Park, wetland park, located in three counties of two provinces at the junction, is located in the hilly area of big don't mountain where the basalt, a total area of 70.58 square kilometers.

Tieshan temple in the sea dials 100 meters, the highest point 196.6 meters, the mountain hills, shallow gully, 9 square kilometersTianquan lake from north to south into the area, formed a very special climate, suitable for the growth and development of plants,the seed plants all 15 distribution types, Tieshan Temple accounted for 14 types, only lack of Central Asia distribution type, Jiangsu province is the best preserved animal and plant kingdom, the largest area of.

Thriving here more than 40 kinds of wild animal, 170 kinds of birds,280 species of trees, 800 kinds of Chinese herbal and nearly a thousand kinds of plants, mostly north-south geographical edge species.

Tieshan temple is "four of the most".

The first of the Jiangsu province is the best air. According to the test report of Atmospheric Science in Jiangsu Province, Tieshan temple in the air negative ion content is 49 times the average of Jiangsu Province, city is 100 times higher than the general.

Second of the most is the brightest star in asia. There is a term in astronomy, called the atmospheric seeing and transparency. Seeingis the telescope displayed image clarity, transparency of atmosphereis the atmosphere without external impurity invasion and interference.

Third of the most is the best water lakes in Jiangsu province. This water is what we see now, called Tianquan lake. Spring Lake is an artificial lake, products of great leap forward era, when there were fifty thousand people a year, poor power is built and become, it istheir hard work for our precious wealth. So, for the great leap forward, dialectical point of view, can not completely negative, there ismerit.

Fourth of the most is the Spring Lake covers an area of 9 square kilometers, the most depth of 40 meters, the total capacity of about 40000000 cubic meters, like a crown, a five finger out, is the place where we are now.

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