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Tianquan lake is located in Xuyi County, the territory of TieshanTemple National Forest Park, located in the low mountain and hillyarea don't mountain where the basalt, the surface area of about 9square kilometers. The geographical position is longitude 118 ° 25 '- 118 ° 42', north latitude 32 ° 43 '- 32 ° 58'. Tianquan lake was originally called "reservoir, in 1958 1960 started construction in October, completed in May, the catchment area of 53.6 square kilometers, 50 year design flood level is 62.05 meters, in 1000 a flood water level 62.92 meters, is a project of homogeneous earth dam, crest length of 1250 meters, the width 6 meters, the north channel length of 47 kilometers, south trunk length of 12 kilometers. Spring Lake is located in the North-South transition zone climate, four seasons, mild climate. Green hills around the lake, lake water limpid green mountains and rivers, integrated as a whole. Tianquan lake surrounding beautiful scenery, profound culture, nature, a number of cultural attractions.

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