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Dear visitors, bamboo is known as flower gentleman said, the ancients said: "would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo; no meat makes thin, vulgar people without bamboo".Tieshan temple is the Mau forest of bamboo have both at the same time, please look at this piece of bamboo, end straight good-looking,density decency, Lin Zhongyi quiet, elegant and pleasant, expelling wind and drunk. At the moment the bamboo path is silent guide along the way, please appreciate both sides of the bamboo posture,posture emerge in an endless stream, near far effect, with small king,really is "bamboo diameter to quiet, visitors is Bank of China painting". Tall and straight masculinity, xiaosa stalwart, ao not withered bamboo, this fully show the charm of. Visitors to this view,hear, learn Zhusheng bamboo bamboo products, give a person with unlimited power, passion and elegance.

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