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Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xuyi station of Purple Mountain Observatory, the station a total area of 200 mu, building area of 5000 square meters, the other is the original ecological green area.

In 2001 by the 7 academicians selected 13 points one by one was studied, the final conclusion is: here there is no light, air pollution, atmospheric seeing good, usually the naked eye can see 6 magnitude, but in this telescope can be observed in the 21 magnitude, here observation space geometric Nanjing dark 3--4, what is this concept? That is one hundred times stronger than the observation ability of Nanjing... So the final observation station in Xuyi Tieshan Temple National Forest Park, and built by the Southeast University design institute design, completed in 2004, and observation.

Observation station is divided into natural and artificial celestial observation observation of celestial bodies (such as space debris, etc.). This building is in front of us is a near earth object observation tower, see it you may have many questions, why is so designed that? What is the overall design concept it? It means a spaceship or a UFO landed from Space Mountain in Xuyi valley. We see the shape of the building will associate a blockbuster movie? Once swept the world, you can think of? The Titanic! The lookout is Titanic bow, middle is the cockpit, and both sides is the left and right wings. Have a rough understanding of all of the buildings, now we from top to bottom and then carefully discuss, this park on top of the roof, it is 14 meters in diameter, has no doubt it is the home of telescope, we see the periphery of the tricolor aperture, to tell you the whole top garden and aperture represents the nine planets in the star, we can think of is which one? - Saturn, yes, we have one very much today, saw Saturn style, Saturn from telescope see that is surrounded by a halo, be riotous with colour. The telescope. It is jointly developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Purple Mountain Observatory and the Nanjing astronomical instrument factory, its diameter is 1.04--1.20 meters Schmidt telescope, like this type of telescope ranked first in Asia, fifth in the world. The most important is it has a recording device, is from the USA import, 4096*4096 CCD. Is Asia's largest, most advanced, the value of 2000000 yuan. The telescope and the CCD phase can be observed any light and non light emitting about 3 centimeters of objects in the 30000 km orbit, its main task is to find the weak, very small, on the earth there is a potential threat to asteroids, comets and other bodies in the solar system, because of the influence of the external force, these asteroids may change its orbit collided with the earth, to do not affect the normal work of the earth, so we must to the asteroid tracking observation, to take certain measures, avoid unnecessary disaster.

We'll continue to see is red, yellow, black color different stones. Any object falling from space will be in the air and the atmosphere by friction, burning until the fall to the ground, so the black wall is made of local volcano stone cutting paste, means that the ashes; middle to top, slowly changed from yellow to red, which means just fell to the ground, burning, is a dynamic feeling. The wall front part is smooth surface, the back is specially cut hair surface, but also in the landing process and combustion caused by air friction.

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