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Tieshan temple was named after the mountain, was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, was the first Buddhist monks strictly regulating Han monks, as its first dojo. For their first Dojo like incense as continue, Jiangshan like iron firmly, so named "Tieshan temple". He is Han Huandi, Emperor Ling in Luoyang when the rest monk Shi high disciple. He studied Buddhism for decades, the first Chinese monk Buddhist writings "monk Hui ten chapters" is his book. According to "the monk" mind set records, he translated a "mirror", by the method of. Tieshan temple in the expansion, to the Ming Dynasty, the size of the temple reached its peak, formed to Tieshan temple as the center, Wang Gu temple, temple, temple, fourteen Temple community, known as the northern Jiangsu, Anhui Eastern Area "small Jiuhua", the Buddhist monks and nuns to thousands of people. The Tieshan temple is hill bandit accounted for, ultimately destroyed.

In order to meet the needs of local Buddhist culture and the development of tourism, Xuyi County People's government organized relevant experts to the Tieshan Temple re location, repeatedly asked the local government and Buddhist Association, President of the Buddhist Association of China Advisory Committee, the 95 year old famous monks -- serious master, close to Tieshan Temple, the temple site for. When the master sit slide along the rugged mountain location, to survey the site in the ancient temple ruins, the temple was found platform due to landslides, the Feng Shui has been destroyed, and the ecological environment was very good, serious damage in the reconstruction of ecological, then re location, the new temple faces west, broad prospects, Yamashita Ichi springs, like jade belt, is a rare treasure of Feng shui. The temple on the eighth day lunar new year in August 2002 at eight eighteen in the morning of the ceremony, the Buddhist Association of the invitation should be, Mount Putuo, Mount Jiuhua, the Mount Wutai and the Wuxi Grand Buddha at Lingshan, Yangzhou Daming Temple more than 100 monasteries attended the foundation laying ceremony. Before the ceremony, the dark clouds, and a heavy rain, when the sound of a name that, suddenly, the wind stopped After rain the sky looks blue., tree, the upper and lower All sounds are still. The foundation after the activity, birds sing, gathered at the foot of the main hall of the oak forest.

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